Meet the Rosebery Early Learning Team

Meet the team at Rosebery Early Learning...

Mary Arriola - Nominated Supervisor & Centre Manager

Welcome to Rosebery Early Learning, My name is Mary. I  have been in Early Childhood Education industry since 2002. I believe that the early years is the most significant part of an individual's life - it is when we build the foundation of one's well being. 

When I see a child, I see the future of the world. I see the future citizens who will create and prepare a life ahead for the subsequent generations. I believe that as educators we support children to develop their readiness to face challenges, find solutions and succeed in their own individual endeavours while showing respect and kindness to others. 

I also believe that in order for children to achieve a meaningful journey they will need a secure and safe environment where they are explore experiences and relationships with others. In Rosebery Early Learning, we aim to provide children the best educational practices and surroundings.

We know in our heart that family will always be the children's first teacher, hence we acknowledge the importance of their contribution to our pedagogy and pursuit of their success. 

We at Rosebery Early Learning value every one's individuality, culture and beliefs. With mutual respect to the community, families and all stakeholders, we empower whatever is the best for the children. 

We always welcome your visits, and look forward to meeting you.