Preschool program 4 - 5 years

Pre School Program

Rosebery Early Learning respects children as confident and capable learners. Our Pre School program provides children with a tailored educational program based on children’s interests.

A typical day in our Pre School Class room might include the following:

Group times – a time that allows children to interact with and learn from one another as well as giving them a sense of belonging with being a part of the group. Participation in all experiences is optional for children as we give children autonomy in their decision making.

Creative Art / Free Play / Literacy, Numeracy and STEM educational experiences - The children then have a range of education experiences on offer to further develop their fine motor, gross motor, literacy and numeracy as well as language and social and emotional skills through play based activities.

Physical activities – We include a physical program extending on gross motor skills. Physical skills support co-operative play also provide the context for social interaction and rich communication.

Through these experiences your child will have the opportunity to:

  • build and develop their confidence and skill set
  • learn how to positively interact with others by making new friendships
  • build their identity by promoting choice and decision making and self help skills